Nerdytec CYPINK Couchmaster lapdesk for cozy gamers
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Nerdytec Changed My Life With The Cozy CYPINK Couchmaster (Review)

When it comes to PC gaming, I hate being stuck at my desk. As a long-time laptop fan, I like to use that portability to get away from my office – but it comes at the cost of my back and neck. However, Nerdytec has set out to make my cozy gaming a full, ergonomic experience thanks to the CYPINK Couchmaster lap desk.

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CYPINK Does Gaming In Style

CYPINK Couchmaster In my livingroom looking amazing and pink
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CYPINK has no shortage of features. From the beautiful, fully wooden desktop with an air vent, pink mouse pad, and leather comfort strips to the power brick ventilation and multiple storage pockets, this lap desk is set up to ensure you get the most out of its design.

The two large, memory foam cushions are wide and sturdy, perfect for supporting elbows. The thick, pink cover is so soft I have a hard time keeping all my cats from perching on it, as they’ve decided this is the comfiest place in the house. They aren’t wrong, a gaming session in the CYPINK feels like a luxury, and at no point do you feel overly warm or uncomfortable.

Portable. Deconstuctable. Storable.

My biggest reservation with the CYPINK actually came when I was unboxing it. I was surprised when I found it stayed in three pieces, without any obvious ways to attach the plush arms to the wooden top. However, I quickly learned this is one of the lapdesk’s best features. The pillows can be adjusted to fit the user’s comfort level, whether you like close and snug, or a bit of breathing room. The top can be scooted forward for that cat in your lap to snuggle or tugged close for good wrist support.

Additionally, the quick breakdown of the large desk makes for easy storage and portability. I can put all the lap desk pieces in my car if I want it on a road trip, or tuck it into the hall closet to fend off my son. I love that this desk is so easy to set up, use, and put away.

CYPINK Is The Cozy Collector Item All Gamers Need

I love that the CYPINK is pink. There are so many sleek, muted desk options for gamers. The black with a single highlight of color, or slate grey with an RGB strip is overused and basic. I want something that stands out.

As a cozy gamer, CYPINK matches my farming sim, Pokémon plushie, Otome games vibe. It’s not aggressively pink either, swapping a Barbie tone for a rich, tulip pink that doesn’t look garish. This is the lap desk for fans of ergonomic furniture who want something to make their bedroom, living room, or office pop.

Accessibility Is Key With Couchmaster

CYPINK, and other Couchmaster products, offer gamers something particularly special – accessibility. If you are a gamer who can’t sit at a traditional desk, the Couchmaster is an amazing option. Not only does it sit well on the sofa, but the wood desktop can be perched on things besides the cushions, offering a ventilated gaming and workspace.

It has a built-in phone/tablet stand that allows the user to prop their phone up while gaming. This creates easy access to guides, mobile games, or phone calls while a laptop is in use. For me, it offers accessibility for mental health. As someone who works from home, having the ability to set the CYPINK up on my sofa or at a friend’s house for a gaming session gives me comfort away from my desk, and creates a truly enjoyable setup anywhere I want to be. In short, CYPINK set me free, and I and gaming fearlessly outside of my office walls.

The CYPINK Couchmaster by Nerdytec is one of the best gaming accessories I have had the opportunity to try out. This is a great option for anyone who uses a laptop frequently, offering comfort, support, and ventilation perfect for any type of task. The stylish color of the CYPINK makes it a fantastic gift or investment for cozy gamers, and I can promise that anyone with cats will find they get far more cuddles while it is in use.

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