It offends me that people give up on their communities so quickly to be honest. I heard one person tell of how their system administrator pulled the plug on their project simply because of the lack of linux client at release. Are the people who have graced your module over the years worth so little to you? Mine are worth a lot to me.

I have a friend who lost practically everything in New Orleans when the hurricane hit. He and I clash sometimes, but I have grown to respect him and value him to the point that I would open my home to him in a heartbeat. I offered him such, and that offer stands.

I had the opportunity one day to hear one friend’s brand new son cry over Teamspeak while we were playing on a server together. What an awesome thing technology is today yes?

I am not building a PW in order to gratify myself, or to be thought of as the greatest community manager on the web. I am doing it for my friends. How do you put a price on friends? Do you draw a line in the sand and shout at the developers, “MY WAY OR NO WAY”? I know I don’t.

We are being given a whole new toolset. All new graphics… Hey we even have cats!! How can we complain about that? I go to the Warcry site every day, and am impressed with some new tidbit of news from folks like there. I’m actually overjoyed over how big the memory footprint for areas will be in NWN 2. How amazing they must look if they are that huge!! What incredible worlds will I be able to create. What an awesome game we are about to play. What an amazing new adventure we get to provide for our communities.

I feel like a child who every day realizes he is closer to Christmas. I know I’m about to get a bunch of shiny new things that I will love. I don’t even think about all the things I know I wont be getting. Sure I asked for an airplane when I was 4, but I wasn’t upset at all when I didn’t get it.

I suppose it stands to reason that some are closing their doors. It is bound to happen whenever a game is improved. But that is no reason to be sad or cry foul. Those of us who are pushing forward would be glad to have more folks come and help with development. I know I would be glad of any and all comers who wish to be a part of our project. How much more can we accomplish if we work together?

I encourage PW lovers, instead of giving up hope, or deciding to disband your communities, have a good look at the PW’s being developed over on the Warcry forums. If something strikes your fancy, go to their site and join up. Our communities are far to important to let them just pass into the night. Lets instead band together and do what we must to prove the cynics wrong!

NWN 2 Persistent Worlds will live on and thrive!

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