Gatz Takes it to the Mat:

Are you calling me fragile? I haven’t broken a wrist in weeks! That was a low blow.

Okay, sure, Quicktime was a bad choice, but VLC played it like a champ. All real nerds have a spare, Swiss army knife for video. It’s just one of those things. Why not try Quicktime Alternative? You’re just being lazy, like the Warlock-Fighter guy. He was just trying to give evil a fighting chance. We all know evil triumphs over good in the end, but it’s the fight that counts.

Maybe I bought some games, maybe I didn’t, but I just happen to like clicking through cinematics. When you’re finally done with the game, you can go back, watch the movie, and feel some of the excitement again. Let’s face it, the objective of a teaser is to generate buzz about the game. Does this mean appeasing the hardcore fan that drools over two seconds of gameplay footage? Nah, because those people are going to buy the game anyway. It means enticing people who are unfamiliar with the game to check it out. That aside, there’s no such thing as bad press. They’ve succeeded with this video.

Fu’Miga’s Finishing Move:

Gatz you know I wouldn’t willingly give you a low . *grins wickedly*

Let me just say that a few seconds of gameplay footage can bring a lot of more costumers than that overused bunch of graphics display… they even managed to do such a trailer last year with the scarce material they had back then. If you want to see what I’m talking about, < href=”http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=9121267493170881445&q=neverwinter “>check out this video..[/a].

Concluding… sure the TEASER (not trailer) has some nice graphics but they managed to provoke the same emotions that the official website does: DISAPPOINTMENT.


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