You know, I bet Dick York said the same thing during production meetings for Bewitched. Warlocks have a history longer than Gandalf’s beard; it’s just human nature to seek power where it’s available. Besides, if Gandalf had been on par with a Warlock, he wouldn’t have needed that sword. Wuss. If he’d had an eldritch blast, maybe he could have preventing them from taking the hobbits to Isengard.

Just out of curiosity, why does the rest of that tape have “Mmm Bop” looped over and over?


Fu’Miga giggles almost silently not to hurt Gatz’s feelings.

“He does need to feel in control… poor friend…. listening to ghostly sounds from nowhere”.

Her giggle ends in a puffy sigh as she picks up a copy from what an Obsidian Tester has witnessed.

“I’m quoting Nathaniel Chapman here.”, she warns. “A Warlock shares about as much in common with a sorcerer as he does with a fighter. A Warlock pulls from an entirely different (and much more limited) spell list, isn’t restricted to casting a certain number of spells per day and doesn’t have to memorize or prepare spells. They need a broader range of abilities because their Eldritch Blast is a ranged-touch attack.”

Smiling she then concludes, “I’m thinking this warlock guy to be the new bard-like class but this time it’s not half wizard half rogue. And knowing it comes right after they invented the monk I seriously hope they don’t create an unbalanced class.”

She pauses for a dramatic moment, her arms open as if welcoming something. “I’ll give you this one. I should wait to see what is to come REALLY but all in all I look at the warlock class as the class used by every evil-wannabe and soon there will be no more evil wizards to battle as commonly… just warlocks and more warlocks.”

Fu’Miga leaves the discussion room without adding anything more to the subject but deep inside she knows that if there’s a choice between a wizard henchman a a warlock one she’ll surely pick the warlock to avoid being burned too often by inept AI causing those moron wizards to blow their best spells on unworthy opponents.

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