Neverwinter Nights 2: Papermonk Does It Again: Doom & Gloom


Actually titled “Doom & Gloom OR How the Internet Makes People Stupid”, Papermonk has once again pointed his rapier wit at the NWN 2 community. Here’s a piece:

I watched this week’s particular drama with some interest. Largely because I inadvertently started it. As someone who abhors this sort of drama, I felt rather sick to have let such a bane loose in the world. I’m overstating things, of course, but still… it’s a bit odious, isn’t it?

About once every two weeks our little community freaks out. It was the DM client before, Atari, something else before that (I can scarcely remember), in NWN1 the cloak/horse/z-axis thing was a weekly event from before it launched on. None of those issues have ceased to come up in NWN2.

Read the rest at Papermonk’s Carrion Dreams blog.

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