New App Turns iPhone Into 3D Scanner

Forget expensive gear and crazy equipment setups, so long as you have an iPhone you can get your own 3D scanner for $0.99.

The past couple of weeks have seen some pretty cool Apps being released for the iPhone. A few weeks ago, there was WordLens, the program that provided real-time translations of foreign languages. Now, one’s iPhone can become a low-rent 3D scanner, thanks to a new App called Trimensional.

According to the attached video, getting the App to work is pretty simple: turn the phone’s brightness all the way up, turn off the lights, hold the phone about 20 cm (roughly 8 inches) from your face, and Trimensional will do the rest.

Here’s the full feature list from the official Trimensional page in the App Store:

– Capture your own 3D scans
– Browse your 3D scan library
– Rotate and zoom your 3D models
– Pick from 6 different 3D rendering modes
– View a 3D slideshow
– Email images directly to friends
– Save images to camera roll for posting to the web

If you own an older iPhone or iPod Touch, you may want to avoid this App, since the official website states that Trimensional works best with the iPhone 4 and the latest generation Touch. At the moment, the App seems like it’s built more for entertainment than it is for function; as points out: “One update we’d like to see to the app is the ability to export the 3D model in a standard format 3D art packages can handle.

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