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To the Editor: I came across The Escapist after following a link to your article about Blizzard’s “Secret Sauce.” I ended up reading quite a few articles on the site. I was impressed by the high quality of the articles and appreciate that you explore various aspects of the gaming culture. Now that gaming is becoming more mainstream, it’s nice to see more attention being centered on gamers and gaming.

In response to “Secret Sauce” from The Escapist Lounge: Great article. But as previously mentioned…where’s StarCraft?!?

In Response to “Twenty-Seven Hours Later” from The Escapist Lounge: We’ve all been there and share your pain. Some of my best memories are with five other friends, networked together in a friend’s basement playing StarCraft for 16 hours straight! My son still begs me to play with him. A friend stuck at my house last week slipped StarCraft in (not having played it in years) and lost more than a couple of hours of his life to the alure of Terrans, Protoss and Zerg (oh, my!).

To the Editor: I study mechanical engineering at the University of Pittsburgh. In my spare time, I’m a pretend web developer, and, accordingly, I think that I have a smidge of talent in the realm of design. This assertion, of course, may be open for debate.

At any rate, I happened upon your newest issue, and I was just blown away by how gorgeous your online magazine was! Not only was the writing excellent, but the way that you presented your article was simply fantastic. I wanted to read more just for that very reason.
-Adam Wick

In Response to “Bag Full of Ears” from The Escapist Lounge: I drew parallels between your journey, into the tainted underbelly of Diablo II’s, to the very same way the corruption took the hero from the first story. Though, I don’t believe there is a level where you go out looking for girls with this tortured hero … but perhaps I hadn’t unlocked that bit.
-Franklin Webber

In Response to “Exodus” from The Escapist Lounge: I love to see designers walk out of Blizzard and start their own company. I think it can be done; a small team of enthusiasts can create the basis for a game that’ll blow existing games away. A small fringe game can catch on spectacularly the next year and wipe the dinosaurs from the stage.

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