GTAV Photography 22 310x

A visually revamped GTA V makes for some beautiful in-game photography.

Grand Theft Auto V finally hit new-gen systems this week, and players wasted no time in capturing the game’s revitalized visuals on camera.

The Snapmatic camera isn’t a new addition to GTA V, as it’s present in the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game, but the new lighting engine and added power of the new consoles mean photos taken in-game are more beautiful than ever.

The re-release has also given new life to the #GTAVPhotography hashtag on Twitter, where we found all of the images included in the attached gallery (see below). If streaming brings the entire world in to watch your greatest gaming moments, then such in-game photo chops help immortalize them permanently, and in a very artistic fashion.

If you’re playing GTA V all over again, please drop any photos you’ve taken down in the comments — let’s see who has the best eye for still photography around here, shall we? You can also find more of what’s above on Rockstar’s Social Club portal.

These photos look good enough on their own, but I can only imagine what the 4K PC Snapmatic gallery will look like come February.

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