New Killer Instinct Patch Switches Out Jago For Sabrewulf As Free Character

Killer Instinct Screen

Jago is now pay-to-unlock as of the latest patch, which also adds classic skins for him and Orchid.

Killer Instinct developer Double Helix has updated the free-to-play Xbox One fighting game, cycling out current free character Jago for Sabrewulf. The patch also includes a variety of other changes, gameplay fixes and balances. Also added were classic skins for Jago and fellow fighter Orchid. Double Helix plans to continually rotate characters in the game’s roster, changing the free-to-play fighter on a regular basis.

While the game itself is a free download, unlocking characters beyond the complimentary one comes at the cost of $5 per fighter, or $20 for all eight “season one” characters. Six of these characters have been released already, with one of them, Sadira, being a completely new addition to the franchise. Returning characters Spinal and Fulgore are planned to round out the roster later this year.

Source: Double Helix Forums via Polygon

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