New NES Game Asks You to Shoot Yourself (With a Zapper)

Andrew Reitano’s Super Russian Roulette has raised more than 20,000 dollars on Kickstarter.

The NES Zapper is easily one of the most iconic peripherals in the history of gaming. Granted, the thing’s actual functionality was fairly limited, but it was still fun to use and many gamers still hold it in fond regard. We feel safe in counting Andrew Reitano in that number. Inspired by his love of the zapper, Reitano recently launched a Kickstarter aimed at funding what may possibly be the most wonderfully inappropriate NES game ever made.

The name of the game? Super Russian Roulette. Utilizing both the zapper and a custom 1MB NES cartridge, the game pits players against each other in a contest to see who can survive shooting themselves in the head. Egging them on through the process is a fully voiced “8-bit cowboy” who badgers the players with insults until they pull the trigger. “One bullet waits in the light gun’s chamber,” says the Kickstarter. The unlucky player who gets hit with that “bullet” loses. The game has been “tested extensively” and runs on an actual NES console.

Super Russian Roulette originated as an attempt on Reitano’s part to fulfill his longstanding desire to experiment with the zapper. His plans for the game expanded however, after he took it to Fantastic Arcade 2015 and wound winning the event’s Audience Choice Award. Realizing that the game could be more than a personal project, he launched his Kickstarter to help him produce it in larger quantities. Reitano has asked for 20,000 dollars. It’s a goal that the campaign has, in less a day, already achieved.
Source: Kickstarter

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