Three former Escapist staffers are offering you a chance to flesh out your tabletop with their creations.

If you’ve been a reader of The Escapist for a while, you probably remember the names Jon Bolding, Marshall Lemon, and Stew Shearer. All three of them have a fairly large amount of work available on the site, and they’ve teamed up to form a new group dedicated to create new content for tabletop games.

Gorgon Breath Games is the creation of these Escapist alumni. Over on its official website, the group is creating free, downloadable RPG content that is OGL-compatible. The group is also planning to offer premium content, including full-length adventures, with the first one planned for release later this month.

Currently, all the content Gorgon Breath has created is either free to grab from their website, or available as a “Pay What You Want” product on Drive Thru RPG. But that’s going to change soon, as the company plans to add premium content to their free offerings. If you’re interested, you can make sure you get all their content for one low price.

Right now on the Gorgon Breath Games Patreon page, you can back the new company for as little as one dollar a month, and you’ll receive all of their future premium content. You can check out all the stuff they’ve already made available to see if it fits your campaign.

If you want to find out more, you can visit the Gorgon Breath Games website or its Patreon page.

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