There are six new Titans in Titanfall 2, and you can check them out in this new trailer.

Titanfall 2 is bringing a whole new set of Titans for players to operate. Each one has its own abilities that give you different ways to play. All six titans show up in the new trailer.

Here’s the word from the official blog on each of the new Titans:

  • Tone: Tone is about accurately laying waste to enemies both efficiently – and explosively.
  • Northstar: Northstar is a master of both flight and precision kills.
  • Legion: Legion utilizes an assortment of ballistic abilities focusing on defense and control.
  • Ronin: Ronin loves getting up close with it’s samurai vibe, and quick to get in and out tactics.
  • Ion: Ion uses it’s energy management abilities to divert power between it’s three weapons systems.
  • Scorch: Scorch manipulates fire as it’s primary source of defensive and offensive abilities.

Titanfall 2 is launching October 28 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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