New Video: The Escapist Film Festival Winner


Judging this year’s The Escapist Film Festival was hard work. There were a number of excellent entries, and choosing a clear winner from among them wasn’t as easy as we’d thought it would be.

But one video rose above the rest, displaying a grasp of comedy, film making and the certain, undefinable something that tells you you’re working with a rare talent. That film was Chris Slack’s “The Gamezone.”

Chris says he wanted to put normal people in game-like situations and game-like people in normal situations. His concept was to create something like The Twilight Zone for games, hence the title. His winning video puts an ordinary young man into the strange world of Ghost Recon, with hilarious results.

As part of his prize package, Chris Slack won a production contract with The Escapist, and we were proud to sign it. Starting this Thursday, January 30, The Escapist will be presenting de-rez, the new video series spawned by the video you’re about to watch.

We hope you enjoy Chris Slack’s “The Gamezone” and tune in Thursday for the first official installment of de-rez, Chris’ take on Hitman.


See a new de-rez video each month, usually on a Thursday only at The Escapist.

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