Rumor: APB Dev Dropping Staff

| 13 Aug 2010 09:05

According to rumor, APB and Crackdown developer Realtime Worlds has let go an entire developement team, and severely reduced another.

Just weeks after the reveal of Realtime World's new social media/gaming project MyWorld, rumors are circulating that the entire team behind the project has been made redundant.

RTW warned last month that some redundancies were likely as the developer restructured to support APB, and a second project - presumably MyWorld - was downscaled, but reports are suggesting that as many as 60 people have lost their jobs, with RTW possibly trying to sell the team off as a smaller entity.

Aside from the job cuts made to the MyWorld team, there are rumblings that severe cuts might be made to APB itself, with some suggesting that RTW might be trying to sell the MMOG. According to one source, who posted in VG247's comments section, the APB team has been cut down to just administrators and a skeleton crew of developers and artists to keep the keep things running.

Despite five years in development, and a rumored $100 million spent on the project, APB received very lackluster reviews when it was released last month, and there have been suggestions that the game's servers were not as full as they should be. If true, lower than expected revenues could certainly had made continued operation difficult.

There's so much rumor floating about this story, it's impossible to say for sure exactly what's going on without some kind of official confirmation. If it is true, however, we hope that everyone affected lands on their feet.

Source: Develop and VG247

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