White Vita May Boost Flagging Sales

| 8 May 2012 22:37

Vita's new color tries to compensate for thin software selection.

While plenty of gamers have purchased a PS Vita, an even greater contingent has been hesitant to do so. If you've been wanting to pick up Sony's impressive little machine but couldn't get in touch with your inner goth enough to warrant purchasing a black handheld, then dither no more: A Crystal White Vita is on the way, at least in Japan. The new color scheme is likely an appeal to prospective Vita owners who needed an aesthetic boost to take the monetary plunge, as the Vita's sales still lag well behind its competitors in its country of origin.

The Crystal White Vita is exactly what it sounds like: a Vita identical to its black counterpart, but with a pearlescent white casing. Nintendo tried a similar tactic with a pink 3DS last year, and saw sales increase by over 30%, but white doesn't seem like a color that would appeal to a female fanbase in the same way. The tactic could bear fruit (the kind of fruit with dollar signs in front of it), but Vita critics tend to point towards a meager software lineup and the lack of a real "must-have" title rather than a lack of color options.

With combined sales from the U.S., Europe, and Japan, the Vita has sold a respectable amount of consoles, but its dwindling fortunes may not reverse fully until the summer. When titles like Metal Gear Solid and Persona 4 ship, the system may see a significant bump in sales. If and when that happens, one must wonder whether the majority of consoles sold will be white or black.

Source: Gamasutra

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