Tokyo Jungle Stampeding Westward

| 10 Jun 2012 22:55

Do you like animals, hats, or animals wearing hats? Then you're in luck.

A press release sent out earlier this week confirmed that the delightfully odd PS3-exclusive, Tokyo Jungle, will be making its way to European shores. The game will also see a NA release, according to Sony VP of product development and worldwide studios, Scott Rohde. No release date was announced for either region.

According to Rohde, Tokyo Jungle, a thoroughly bizarre animal survival sim set in the ruins of Tokyo after mankind has absconded from the Earth, perfectly demonstrates Sony's "crazy innovative" approach to development and publishing.

"That game is just wacky, but in a good way, because we like to show that there's still an art form, and you can still experiment," he told Joystiq. "Is everyone gonna love a game like Tokyo Jungle? Absolutely not, but there's a whole bunch of people it's gonna make really happy. Specifically for the fact that it's so different, and so unexpected. That's a key part of the culture of Worldwide Studios and how our games are developed."

I'm certainly quite happy. In an industry dominated by grimacing soldier-types crouching behind chest high walls, a game about love-making pandas and cats in hip hop apparel is about as far from a sure bet as it's possible to get. Good on Sony for taking a chance on the title.

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