Microsoft OneDrive is Available Now

| 19 Feb 2014 16:00

SkyDrive's rebrand to OneDrive is complete, and the revamped Microsoft service is available now.

Microsoft OneDrive Smartphone

Microsoft's new-ish OneDrive service is available around the world today, and the cloud storage service is taking cues from some of its more established competitors.

OneDrive is replacing SkyDrive for Microsoft, and the desktop, tablet, and mobile app offers 7 GB of free storage for any and all users. Additional free storage is available via several Dropbox-esque means, like referring friends (up to 5 GB), and activating automatic camera backup from smartphones and tablets (another 3 GB). You can also purchase more storage -- 50, 100, and 200 GB -- at an annual rate. IF you're already an Office 365 customer, you automatically get 100 GB of OneDrive space for free.

Current SkyDrive users have nothing to fear, and their service will be largely uninterrupted. SkyDrive files are safe and sound in OneDrive, and you can use your SkyDrive username and password on the new site without jumping through any hoops.

While the "new" service seems to be checking the right boxes in regards to features, pricing and storage options, getting users entrenched in competing service like Dropbox (including yours truly) is going to be a challenge. With that in mind, Microsoft will be giving away one year of 100 GB of storage to 100,000 users, with clues and contest info available via the OneDrive Twitter account.

As far as the rebrand goes, expect to see some SkyDrive remnants in Microsoft services for the time being. As ZDNet points out, "The SkyDrive services that are built into Windows and Office won't be updating to OneDrive until the 'next major release' of those platforms."

If you're on the SkyDrive/OneDrive bandwagon, let us know how the transition is going in the comments.

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