Nintendo has confirmed that the new Wolf Link amiibo will indeed unlock an exclusive dungeon in-game.

A little while ago we heard a report that suggested The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess HD‘s new Wolf Link amiibo would unlock an exclusive new dungeon, and it now looks like Nintendo has gone ahead and confirmed it.

The video you’ll see to the right was released by Nintendo Germany, and shows off how you’ll use amiibo in the upcoming game. Tapping a Link or Toon Link amiibo to your game pad while in-game will restore your arrows, while Zelda and Sheik’s amiibos restore hearts. The Ganondorf amiibo makes the game more difficult by doubling the damaging Link takes.

Finally, the new Wolf Link amiibo unlocks the exclusive “Cave of Shadows” dungeon where Wolf Link and Midna battle against waves of enemies. It looks to be your standard “horde mode” extra game mode, rather than being anything particularly significant to the game’s story or plot.

There’s currently no word from Nintendo on whether or not the Cave of Shadows will be made available via any other means (such as an eShop purchase).

Source: Nintendo via IGN

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