The Global Reputation Pulse 2009, an annual survey of the reputations of companies, has ranked Nintendo sixth, which puts it ahead of any of its game industry competitors but behind the the company that makes Nutella.

Though Nintendo wins no brownie points with Greenpeace for being environmentally friendly, its reputation as a top-notch business is still apparently unshakable. The Global Reputation Pulse 2009 has ranked in sixth in its survey of reputations among businesses. That puts it ahead of its console competitors in Sony, which came in 127th, and Microsoft, which did a bit better by ranking 30th.

It also means it came out ahead of its newest rival, Apple, which placed 52nd despite having the goodwill of a loyal consumer base (guess I’m not the only one who finds those “I’m a PC and I’m a Mac” ads kinda arrogant).

The top five on the list were (ranking from top to bottom) Ferrero of Italy (they make Nutella), Ikea, Jonhson & Johnson, Petrobras (Brazilian oil company) and Sadia (frozen foods). Nintendo also scored high in specific categories, placing in the top five for products/services, innovation, workplace, leadership and performance.

The rankings were compiled based on “admiration, trust, good feelings and overall esteem” and companies are rated by consumers in their native countries. Nintendo scored a 81.63 rating, Microsoft a 78.05 and Sony a 72.21. So you can see the actual numbers aren’t too far apart, and the rankings must’ve been decided by pretty small margins.

Not hard to see why the Nutella company won, though. That stuff is delicious.


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