Get ready to catch ’em all yet again, as it seems that Nintendo’s planning a remake of the much-loved second generation of Pokemon games: Gold and Silver.

Though most of the Poke-nostalgia among non-series hardcores is probably directed toward the first generation of games (Red/Blue/Yellow, if you forgot), the second generation of games, Gold/Silver, has quite the reputation among diehard Pokemaniacs. So it’s no surprise that Nintendo’s teasing a remake of those games. That and they already remade Red and Blue, so they can’t really do it again (yet).

It’s not totally official, but this is one of those things where it might as well be. Pokemon Sunday, a Pokemon variety show of sorts in Japan (they really do love Pokemon over there), announced on its last episode that they would be making a big reveal next week, featuring a “worldwide first announcement and a worldwide first big scoop.” During the preview for next week’s episode, two party balls appeared on stage: one gold, one silver.

At the same time, two Japanese gaming magazines are reporting to have scoops on the same announcement, and will be revealing the info after the show airs. One of the magazines, CoroCoro, was the first to unveil Pokemon Platinum last year.

Finally, as Siliconera notes, the promotional art for the newest Pokemon movie features the three starter Pokemon from Gold/Silver: Chikorita, Totodile and Cyndaquil. New figures of those three Pokemon are also being released in Japan later this year, so there’s that too.

Just like with Red/Blue, I wasted an ungodly amount of time in my more carefree days on Gold/Silver/Crystal, and I’d be glad to do it all over again, especially if there’s some neat functionality with the newer games and DS(i) and Wii. Just don’t force me to have to play My Pokemon Ranch to unlock Koffing or Psyduck, and I’ll be happy.

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