e3 2014

No Man’s Sky Making Console Debut on PS4


No Man’s Sky will bring procedurally generated planets and space exploration to the PS4.

No Man’s Sky will make it’s console debut on PS4. The news was announced this evening at Sony’s E3 press conference where the game was showcased at the tail end of a long list of new indie titles.

Speaking about the game, its developers at Hello Games described it as being a procedurally generated space exploration experience built to capture the look and feel of the science fiction books and art that the team grew up with. This art style was handily showcased in gameplay footage that included bits of first person ground exploration, first person shooting and space flight sim action.

According to the developers, the game’s procedurally generated environments will be so well crafted that players can expect to never find themselves exploring the same environments as their friends. No Man’s Sky itself was initially announced back in December 2013. Sadly, its PlayStation reveal didn’t include any information about a potential release date.

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