Critical Miss




I hesitate to call Mortal Kombat X’s story, “good,” but it’s certainly substantial by fighting game standards. That being said, it has one of the weirdest, most frustrating and most fundamentally inconsistent cases of plot armour I’ve ever seen. The seriousness of any given wound seems to change from moment to moment, even when they happen in cutscenes. Characters cheerfully shrug off shattered skulls, broken limbs and ruptured vital organs, only to be crippled by the world’s most hilariously tiny knife later in the game. Indeed, very little mortal kombat takes place in this Mortal Kombat game, as most bouts end up with the loser being knocked out. Despite a few high profile deaths, I think the game actually ended up resurrecting more characters than it killed off, giving it a negative death count. Weird.

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