Notch Building Portable Version of Minecraft


Minecraft is officially on its way to iOS platforms.

You may have seen news of various unofficial Minecraft ports for iOS platforms like the iPhone and iPad, but now Minecraft creator Marcus “Notch” Persson himself has confirmed that an official port is on the way. He told Gamasutra that Aron Neiminen, a member of his relatively new Mojang team, is focusing on the project.

This iOS version of Minecraft may not be exactly the same as the PC version. Because it has to run on touchscreen-based devices, Persson doesn’t think the same feature set is appropriate.

Persson said that Minecraft for iOS will include features that “make sense” for devices like the iPad. Updates brought to the PC version won’t necessarily be brought to the iPhone and iPad, but speculatively, the portable version could also have its own unique features.

After this announcement of an official iOS version of Minecraft, a recent fan commercial is a lot more relevant. Persson said that the port is planned for release sometime in 2011. If it does well enough, maybe we’ll see it on Sony’s NGP or Nintendo 3DS too.

Source: Gamasutra

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