Welcome to the world of old-style entertainment. Don’t mind the plastic skeleton; he’s friendly.

“Are America’s ways so different from yours?” asks Craig Ferguson, the Late Late Show host who fled Scotland in 1983, and so Notch Persson of Minecraft happily descends into the madness that is American late night television. It might not be Persson’s first time in the States, but it is his first late night show appearance, and he handles it like a seasoned pro. Though perhaps he’d really rather be a janitor, if he could get paid in chocolate euros.

God knows there’s no stopping Persson’s Minecraft; it’s the crack cocaine of the PC world, and rumor has it Minecraft hasn’t been doing too badly on the Xbox either. At least Notch’s employees haven’t been left out in the cold. “Every single Mojangsta is a massive part of the reason Mojang is the best place on earth to work at right now,” said Notch as he gave out $3 million earlier this year.

Damn. Now I want a chocolate. Maybe there’s something in the fridge …

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