NRA Avenger

NRA Avenger Origin, Part 6: The Eve of the War


D-Day wuz upon us. I had a few new recruits, but I still didn’t have a plan. What wuz I gonna do? I still wanted some more backup. We had a good strike team, but we needed someone for crowd control, and we could sure use some artillery support. It wuzn’t goin’ to be pretty, unless we got even more backup.

Mac, Dom, Love and I were cleanin’ out a warehouse full of Tsoo Ninjas. They were takin’ advantage of the city’s impending doom by loadin’ up on magic artifacts. The Circle of Thorns had also decided to use this time to unload some of their magical artifacts on the black market. Apparently they were plannin’ on usin’ the cash to relocate away from Rikti ground zero. The two together meant a warehouse of magical artifacts that were in the wrong hands.

We had been workin’ so hard on assignments like these for our contacts that recruiting and planin’ for our survival of the invasion had takin’ a big back seat for the last few days. As we gained security clearances the enemies only seemed to get harder as we went along. Betsy had gotten her scope back and I had bought myself a nice pair o’ jet boots. Love had been listenin’ to her trainin’ tapes from the Bureau and had her psychic abilities honed almost as much as her healin’ techniques. Mac and Dom had also learned some new tricks in the short time we had.

Love Chyld had recruited a few others to our cause. Mutha Nature joined our ranks that very mornin’. She had helped Love bust up a Troll contest of strength in the caves under Skyway City. I didn’t even know Skyway had caves. Anyway, Mutha wuz this nice ol’ lady that had been mugged and left for dead by some Skulls. They buried her in her old garden. Somehow she came back from near death by bein’ rezzed in the compost heap which gave her the power to control the earth and winds.

Later in the mornin’ Love recruited WhiteRaven. Raven wuz Queen of the Pixies in Paragon City. I thought it sounded a little fruity, but Raven turned out to be a cute little chick, so I didn’t ask any other questions. Apparently Queen of the Pixies is not only a title by birth, but has to be earned. She was quite a little bundle of energy and a deadly little fairy. I wuz all about havin’ another cutie on the team after lookin’ at Mutha a little too long.

Finally, she brought another magical hottie to the team. Raven had suggested we seek out a nymph named Utopia. She hung around Circe island out near Talos. I’ll be honest, I heard the word nymph, and agreed sight unseen to add her to the mix. It wuz only later I learned that nymp and nympho were two different things. Not too different, thankfully. Utopia, blue-skinned beauty that she is, wuz born to a tribe of water nymphs on Talos. She wuz sent to live amongst the humans to learn to control her powers of weather control as well as some magical healin’ to add to our arsenal. As much as we kept windin’ up in hospitals, I wuz cool with havin’ yet another healer.

Raven added some firepower to the team. Mutha added some crowd control to the mix. Topi added a little more crowd contol. I had the beginnings of a decent task force. We still needed some more artillery. I called the Bureau to see what they had available.

They sent me Nubian Ninja on the next teleporter into town. Nubian had been trained by Mindy Jennings of the Bureau’s Strike Team code-named: Tuna-fish. He wuz an incredible martial artist. He had mastered Kung-fu, Akido, and probably a whole mess o’ other Farkin’ Frenchie Fightin’ Styles. With him and Macpherson in the front line, we had a pretty farkin’ formidable offense.

We headed out for Boomtown, to see to some Fifth Column upstarts that had kidnaped one of Paragon City’s leadin’ city officials. They had holed up in one of the many destroyed office buildings in the Powderkeg area of Boom. We went in with the whole team, figurin’ we had so much firepower and muscle that there wuz no way some farkin’ Ratzi wanabees had anything that could stop us. That wuz until UberOfficer Wultzner farkin’ pulled out a gatlin’ gun that seemed to have more ammo than the entire Seventh Corps at the Cherry Orchard.

We were forced out of the ol’ office building and back into Boomtown proper. I knew that old Wultner wuz reinforcin’ his defenses. He’d probably also be callin’ for back-up of his own. Plus we were T-minus 4 hours until the aliens arrived to make our day complete. What the hell wuz we goin’ to do.

A whole platoon of Fifth Column soldiers crested the hill on the other side of the road from us. I wuz quickly tryin’ to reload “Betsy” a’fore those Ratzi bastards started openin’ up on us. Mac and Nubs were tore up but they started warmin’ up for the ruckus. Mutha and Topi were still pantin’ and sweatin’ from the beatin’ inside but they started planin’ their methods of delayin’ their advance on our position. Love and Domina started tryin’ to squeeze out a few more heals. I suddenly knew how Custer must’ve felt.

I heard this voice say, “I think I can take ’em.”

That’s when it started rainin’ fire on the enemy. The Ratzi’s lost all sense o’ organization as they ran for cover. It wuz mop up time. Only a few minutes later and the last of the Ratzi’s wuz beggin’ for mercy, and our newest team member had arrived.

To this day I don’t know much about WinterNova. All I know is she calls Boomtown home and hates the Fifth Column. I even tried pullin’ up anythin’ Bureau 13 had in its database on her. All I got wuz a document that wuz classified even beyond my clearance. That’s not really sayin’ that much. Well I can read anything I want ta’ about the Loch Ness Monster or Hitler’s Dentist and Satan’s Robot, but Nova is classified beyond that?

Anyway, with our new artillery, we took out ol’ UberOfficer Wultzner and his cronies in a battle royale worthy of its own pay-per-view special. Nubian Ninja got in the killin’ blow a’fore I could snap off a hip shot, but Wultzner went down in a heap on the floor. We had just enough time to untie the hostage when I got the emergency page on my watch.

The Rikti had arrived.

…. End Part Six …

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