The GTX 1080 comes out May 27 at an RRP of $599, and performs much faster and much more efficiently than the current “best-in-slot” card: the Titan.

The cost of entry to PC gaming gets cheaper and cheaper every single year, something that console manufacturers are no-doubt losing sleep over! Nvidia is continuing that trend with the revelation of it’s GTX 1080 graphics card – a card that can do crazy stuff like run Doom at 200 FPS and won’t cost you a downpayment on your house.

The GTX 1080 will release on May 27, at an RRP of just $599. This makes it a full $400 cheaper than Nvidia’s current top-end card, the Titan, and the truly incredible news is that the 1080 is considerably faster, and more efficient than the Titan. Just check out this performance chart:


To put that into perspective, Nvidia claims that the 1080 is faster than two GTX 980 cards running together.

Releasing a little after the 1080 on June 10 will be its “little brother”: the 1070, which Nvidia says offers Titan-level performance for just $350. Yes, that’s right, to obtain the same level of graphics fidelity you used to have to spend $1,000 on, you can now get with a $350 card.

It’s a crazy time to be a PC gamer right now, but boy do I regret picking up that GTX 980 last October…

Source: Nvidia

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