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NYCC 2015 Cosplay Part 1 – Superheroes and Legends


Convention season is winding down, but it it no where near over until New York Comic Con. Superheroes from around the world descend upon New York City in what is now one of the largest comic conventions in the world.

One of the best things about cosplay at NYCC is the sheer variety of the costumes. On day one and two alone, during the weekday, you had your fair assortment of all of the usuals, but then you’d also get cosplays celebrating worlds from anime, video games and pop culture alike. In this magical place, all facets of nerd culture are brought together for people to enjoy. This cosplay gallery shows just a sliver of what that’s like for some navigating through the halls of the Jacob Javitz Center.


Aralyn Scarlett cosplaying as Hecarim from League of Legends.


“Do I get a badge for this?” – Deadpool


A Catwoman meets Mad Max Road Warrior mash-up by Gogo Incognito.


Sephiroth, Yuffie, and Cloud from Final Fantasy 7. Cosplayed by Miss_Gidget, Icelancecrit, and Demazn Spikes.


Cobra Commander storms into NYCC, thanks to Zadok Breaux.

Panty and Stockings

Stocking from the anime Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. Cosplayed by Tai Johnson.

Ironman and Black Widow

Marvel’s Iron Man and Black Widow, cosplayed by @Brampton_Ironman and @RatDear.


Dragon Ball Z’s Frieza Force cosplayed by Adrew Patermi, Denise J. Reed, Andrea McWilliams, and Brad Murphy.


The New York City Ghostbusters! @RealNYCgb


Jinx from League of Legends, cosplayed by Lady Catastrophe.


The Flash and Wally West, cosplayed by @Sensei_BJ and @future_is_now.


“That wizard came from the moon!” – Destiny
Cosplayed by @travis_httr and @squeezemunkey.


Battle Bunny Riven from League of Legends, by Sascha Zan San Cosplay.



DC Comic’s Deadshot, Batman’s adversary. Cosplayed by Rocco Chierichella.


An original interpretation of Poison Ivy, by April Hope.

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