In-house documentary shows path of Kickstarter success story.

Obsidian Entertainment’s Pillars of Eternity ranks among the most successful crowdfunded videogame projects to date. After breaking records by collecting nearly $4 million to develop the game in 2012, the final product released this March to largely positive reviews (including The Escapist; Justin Clouse called it, “the best new, isometric RPG in years”). A new documentary produced by Obsidian, The Road to Eternity, recounts the development of the project through interviews with staff.

The feature-length documentary follows the team as it goes from the Kickstarter campaign, through the creation of the world, the initial demo and backer beta, press demonstrations, bug fixing, and eventual release. It also offers a look at the depth of consideration afforded to some of the aspects of a game’s design that players may assume are simple tasks, such as logo design.

The Road to Eternity is available for download or streaming from Vimeo for $0.99.

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