Operation Flashpoint‘s Deaths “As Unpleasant As Possible”


Codemasters wants to inject a bit of realism into the upcoming Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, and they’re doing so by making the deaths in the game as gruesome and unpleasant as they possibly can.

You know, when you think about it, most FPS games are fairly sterile experiences. Pop a bad guy in the head, he goes down. Shoot him enough times somewhere else, and he’ll crumple, dead as the proverbial doornail. In fact, once you see them fall, there’s no reason to ever pay an enemy a second glance.

Not so in Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, the game’s Executive Producer Sion Lenton told RockPaperShotgun. His team was endeavoring to add an element of realism to the title, said Lenton, in several ways that included how people in the game die.

A head shot will be a kill. But it’s more complex than that: you can shoot through a guy’s leg or chest, and he won’t die instantly, even if he goes down. You might reach his position and see him bleeding to death. It’s going to be horrible to see. We didn’t want to make death too light or too easy. The same damage system is true for you, which makes things more challenging. We want to make death as unpleasant as possible, and to make players more careful. You’re not going to run through an open field with your guns blazing. The game will teach you not to do that.

Dragon Rising will also ditch the regenerating health concept that most modern shooters seem to have: “You don’t get to squat behind a rock to be healed, instead you’re in danger of bleeding to death. You’ve got eight pints of blood, and when those bleed out, you’re gone. Even when you patch up, it’s not all fine. If you’ve been hit you’ll still have a limp. We’ve made the death as harrowing as possible.”

Sounds… pretty unpleasant, yeah. I suppose if you want to make people feel like they’re in a war documentary and close to the real thing, this layer of realism makes sense. So, Halo run-and-gunners, take note: Teabagging in Operation Flashpoint will get you killed.

(Via VG247)

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