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In response to “Editor’s Note” from The Escapist Forum: The reason why I stuck by The Escapist is for originality, and a whole issue dedicated to fiction works? That is original.

– Melaisis

This was a very interesting idea. It’s not something I expected, and you guys thrive on doing what people don’t expect.

– Sylocat

Just wanted to say a sincere “Thank you” for this issue. I love fiction and games are some of the best vehicles of fiction, especially the ones that let me take control of the story, but not necessarily the consequences of my characters actions, godmode cheat codes get so boring after a while.

– CanadianWolverine


In response to “Crunch Time” form The Escapist Forum: A monster from the bowels of hell, placated by cheeto crumbs and pizza. I approve.

– ReepNeep


In response to “Griefer” from The Escapist Forum: Brilliant read. I love the way the story conveys the continuing disconnect between the pixels on the screen and the real people behind them.
Life isn’t a game and when you begin to treat it like one, you head down some very dark paths indeed.
– Quietwulf


In response to “Team Butts” from The Escapist Forum: One of the funniest things I have ever read. Although I have very little experience on the matters discussed in the article, I known enough to sympathize with the author. Very well written and with an original style.
Interacting with people, especially if they are anonymous and previously unknown to you, is usually like trying to masturbate with a piece sandpaper in your hand. Sure, you might feel an urge to do it, but it can only lead to frustration and pain. Oddly enough, the same seems to be true to most games.
– Finnish(ed)

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