Reaper is definitely my least favorite member of the Overwatch cast. He’s not badly designed by any stretch, but I think he highlights one of the minor issues that comes with Blizzard’s very narrative-driven artistic approach. As a villain, Reaper is amazing. His obnoxious, try-hard, edge-master persona is a perfect foil for the game’s goofy lineup of heroes. I kind of automatically wan to see him fail. Seeing him his ass kicked by a talking gorilla and a robot monk is hilarious. I can imagine Reaper as the villain in a saturday morning cartoon show, maybe with Roadhog and Junkrat as his bumbling subordinates. That shit would write itself.

But as a character I have to play as, or worse, play against, he’s awful. Seeing his succeed just feels wrong from a narrative perspective. It’d be like if Shredder was 100% serious and often won in the TMNT cartoon. Even worse, it’d be like if Shredder got Play of the Game and started calling Donatello a faggot in all-chat.

For the record:

Yes, I’ve been playing other games, but Mirror’s Edge is so bland I probably won’t do a strip about it.

Mei is the best girl.

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