Part Two – Void of Mind

“You got the damn gem, now let’s head back and search.” The tall Galaka said quietly from his side of the camp fire. The figure of the tall old man on the other side nodded but the gray eyes never left the glowing crystal orb in his hand.
“We’ll head back at dawn, to the city.” He relplied.
Dark Talon turned his head to watch for a reaction from the other man. The hodded figure of Avân were cut out by the small beams of moon light that got through the cloud filled night sky. Not even a nod with the head, just endlessly gazing into the small blue gem, holding a black rose.
“I hope you are satisfied!” Dark Talon snared, fixing his eyes on the face of the old man. The old man gazed back with the grey eyes.
“You will able to give them a proper goodbye at least, the temple clerics will see to that.” Dark Talon felt the anger grip him from within, but pushed it away. He gave the old man a dark glance before he turned and walked over to Avân sitting near the cliff shelter. He seated him self beside him pulling out the large sword that he quietly put down in his knees.
“You need to get some sleep, you know.” He let his fingers follow the sharp edge. He looked up trying to get a sight of the clear blue eyes under the hood. “We will find them and let them rest…” A small flow magical discharges ran over the hand holding the gem. Dark Talons face hardened. He rose, leaving Avân to him self. As he passed by the old mage he quietly stopped for a moment.
“I know not the one to blame, but if he comes after you, the contract won’t hold me to defend you.” He said as dark as could with out braking the hilt of the sword he had his hand rest upon. The old mage looked up, smiling.
“We will have to see, don’t we my young friend. Some things are bound to happen, some other things are not. Either way destiny finds her way to every one.” He gazed towards Avân. “If that boy is bound to be a empty shell, endlessly clinging to that black rose, dreaming over and over, so be it. And I doubt that ever will be able to get up from that void.” He returned his eyes to the glowing jewel. Dark Talon lifted his lip, showing his teeth in despise before he stepped under the small wind shelter. It took vile before the feeling of disgust left him, before the empty dreamless void of sleep engulfed him.
But sleep could not take the the tired mind of Avân, it could not enter the endeless loop of remembrance that shifted and changed in the void of his mind.

A single black rose, endlessly blooming in great gardens of cherry trees. He noticed other roses, but none of them could even compare with that single ones beauty.
A lake streched before him, reflecting the last sun light. He had never seen this beauty before – the lake and the rose. But he saw it in a blurry gaze, as of mist had cought his eyes. A vaug memory that he had seen it before called him from the empty and far streches of his mind.
The rose. A face, a womans face. He lifted his hand to touch it, to feel the skin, then to lose him self in her eyes. But she faded, she fell, as of rift of cold and pain had engulfed her and swallowed her only to leave him behind. A distant voice calling him, a large figure shifting in and out of his mind. Did he know who it was?

A single black rose, endlessly blooming in great gardens…

To be continued in part three

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