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PAX Aus 2014 Day 3: March of The Lemmings


Lemmings marched, Marty McFly rode his hoverboard, and Sephiroth wielded his stupidly oversized sword at PAX Aus 2014 day 3.

PAX Australia 2014 has now officially closed its doors, and I am officially ready to sleep until they open them again next year. But before I do, be sure to check out the last batch of cosplay photos from the show. If you haven’t already seen them, here are my photos from the first day, and the Day 2 gallery Ross put together from my photos when I was too exhausted to type yesterday.

pax aus cosplay day 3 001 deadpool


Greeting us at the entrance to the show as Deadpool, who cracked a joke about the loser who was dressing up as him.

pax aus cosplay day 3 002 world of warcraft pandaren shaman

Pandaren Shaman

With Warlords of Dreanor just around the corner, this Shaman looks ready to level up to 100.

pax aus cosplay day 3 003 hotline miami

Hotline Miami

The Hotline Miami unnamed protagonist wearing one of his signature masks.

pax aus cosplay day 3 004 mortal kombat sub zero and smoke

Sub Zero and Smoke

Final round! Finish him!

pax aus cosplay day 3 005 street fighter chun li

Chun Li

It’s not often you see a Chun Li cosplay who actually has the thighs to pull it off!

pax aus cosplay day 3 006 lemmings


I found these guys walking single-file around the convention. When they got to a wall, they all bumped into each other and turned around.

pax aus cosplay day 3 007 slenderman

Slender Man

What do you do when you are freakishly tall and want to give children nightmares? Cosplay as Slender Man, of course.

pax aus cosplay day 3 008 titanfall pilot

Titanfall Pilot

I asked this Pilot where his Titan was, and he told me he just had to make a few more kills…

pax aus cosplay day 3 009 fallout new vegas ranger

Fallout: New Vegas Ranger

“Nice cosplay!”
“What do you mean, ‘cosplay?’ This is what I usually wear when I go outdoors in Australia.”

pax aus cosplay day 3 012 mortal kombat mileena


I hope she doesn’t also have an authentic Kitana mouth under that veil… (thanks Gabriel for clearing that up!)

pax aus cosplay day 3 023 league of legends female gragas


I had no idea who this girl was, but thought it was a cool costume. She was kind enough to let me know she was “Yang” from the TV series RYBY.

pax aus cosplay day 3 014 tf2 sniper and demoman

Sniper and Demoman

I only noticed after they walked away that the Sniper had a blue sticky-bomb plushie stuck on his back…

pax aus cosplay day 3 014 tf2 sniper and demoman

Assassin’s Creed Assassins

This pair of assassins don’t care that Ubisoft only has male player characters in Assassin’s Creed: Unity.

pax aus cosplay day 3 016 the avengers

The Avengers

Or at least, some of The Avengers!

pax aus cosplay day 3 017 final fantasy 7 cloud, sephiroth

Final Fantasy VII Crew

Ahhh, what con would be complete without Sephiroth and Cloud’s hilarious impractical swords?

pax aus cosplay day 3 018 hearthstone cards

Hearthstone Cards

These guys cosplayed as Hearthstone cards. No, not characters from Hearthstone cards, but the mother flipping cards themselves.

pax aus cosplay day 3 019 halo master cheif

Master Chief

Probably the best Master Chief I saw all show – this guy was the real deal!

pax aus cosplay day 3 020 back to the future marty mcfly

Marty McFly

I absolutely love this Marty McFly. The attention-to-detail is just amazing, from the hat, to the shoes, to the sports almanac! It’s a pity he didn’t have a Doc with him…

pax aus cosplay day 3 021 borderlands mordecai and lilith

Modercai and Lilith

Seems to be the most common Borderlands pairing. These guys would love it if you checked out their Facebook page.

pax aus cosplay day 3 022 batman the riddler

The Riddler

I asked this guy where the bathroom was and he tried to tell me in riddle-form. I decided to hold it. By the way, be sure to also check out his Facebook.

pax aus cosplay day 3 023 league of legends female gragas

Female Gragas

Why Female Gragas? I asked her. Why not? She replied. Why not indeed.

pax aus cosplay day 3 024 gumby


It’s Gumby! Nostalgia overload!

pax aus cosplay day 3 025 league of legends lux and garen

Garen and Lux

I wonder if these guys were actually brother and sister? If they were dating, it would be a bit weird. Check out their deviant art profile!

Thats all for me from the cosplay front guys! Be sure to check out the rest of my PAX Aus 2014 coverage, and stay tuned for a gallery of sights from the show floor which should come up later in the week.

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