PAX Prime 2014 Day 2: Babies Make The Best Cosplayers

Cosplayers strut their stuff at PAX Prime in Seattle.

Day two of PAX Prime is in the bag, and the cosplayers really elevated their game. Some of the costumes bent the laws of physics with their massive size, while others were so infinitesimally small that they would have made Larry Flynt nervous.

Here are the most impressive pieces of cosplay mastery that PAX Prime 2014 has to offer.


Reed Morris as Armani Iron Man

Morris originally planned to construct a fully functional Iron Man suit, complete with a motorized facemask, but ran out of time before PAX Prime. Instead, he opted for a more urbane interpretation.

This is the Iron Man that I expect to see on the dance floor.

Check out Reed’s Tumblr page.

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SmallRiniLady as crochet Yoshi

In honor of Nintendo’s recently announced yarn-spun platformer, Yoshi’s Woolly World, SmallRiniLady spent 35 hours crocheting a Yoshi costume.

How would you spend 35 hours? Rewatching season two of Prison Break on Netflix? You make really bad decisions.

Check out SmallRiniLady’s Facebook Profile.


Robert Forsberg as Deku Scrub Businessman

In the Legend of Zelda series, Dekus didn’t really care about clothes, opting instead for tree leaves. But this one is ready for his big job interview.


Wyatt Moadus as a Warhammer 40K Commissar

No one can strike a contemptuous pose like Wyatt. This dude is going to be a super scary parent.

Check out his main Tumblr profile, or his Commissar Blog.


Chelsea and Alecsy as Lethe (Fire Emblem) and Cammy (Street Fighter)

“We just try to select characters that we look up to,” Alecsy told me. “And these have always been important to us.”

Check out Alecsy’s Facebook Page.


Andrew McWilliams as Bender

A good bender costume is all about the accessories, and Andrew McWilliams knows this. Obviously.


Mel Dee as a Diablo 3 wizard and Jina D as Riku from Kingdom Hearts

Mel and Jina thought it was funny when I almost fell over while taking this picture, so I should be angry with them. But I can’t hold a grudge. Their costumes are too good.

Check out Mel Dee’s Instagram and Facebook profiles. And while you’re clicking links, Jina has an Instagram account and a Facebook page as well.


Nate Moriarty as Fact Sphere from Portal 2

The Fact Sphere paid a visit to Iron Man’s tailor.

If you’d like to discuss facts that are “wholly accurate and very interesting,” Nate has an Instagram account.


Keith D. Evans as Thrall from World of Warcraft

During our conversation, Keith admitted that he has a fetish for orcs. So, obviously, I had to ask if he was sexually attracted to himself at the moment. He took the plastic fangs out of his mouth and grinned. “A little bit,” he said.

Check out Keith’s Twitter account, if you’d like to discuss orcan mating rituals.


Lucian and Breezy Maxim as Link and Princess Peach

Lucian was a little frustrated that his parents hadn’t equipped him with an extra-pointy sword, but he was instantly ready with a heroic pose when I asked him for a picture.

Feel free to follow Breezy on Twitter.


Ronnie Hutchinson as Celestia Ludenberg from Danganronpa

Celestia Ludenberg’s slinky-like hairstyle is the character’s trademark, and Ronnie pulled it off perfectly. Bravo, Ronnie. Bravo.

Check out Ronnie’s YouTube channel.


Aaron Roth as Zora Armor Link

Aaron spent a ridiculous amount of time on this costume. Each shell was individually made and sewn into the armor. The process took over a year, and the attention to detail is intense.

Feel free to compliment Aaron’s handiwork on Twitter, Facebook, or his website.


Fransisco Cruz (Titan), Beverly Villarreal (warlock), Steel Springer (hunter), Elizabeth Bergeron (hunter), and Patrick Thompson (hunter).

Several members of this crew were Bungie employees who enjoy the game so much that they cosplay Destiny on the weekends. They even used Bungie’s models to create 3D printed versions of the in-game weapons. Well, color me jealous.


Azalea Lura as Sorceress Lux (league of Ledgends) and Cameron Lemnos as Hercule Satan (Dragon Ball Z)

Right after we took this shot, Azalea squealed and ran away to exchange hugs with a group of friends, but she returned, apologized for her emotional outburst, and we cordially shook hands.

Follow Azalea Lura on Twitter or Instagram.


Maria Shelman as vintage Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman threw her lasso around me just before we took this picture. I could barely stop giggling for long enough to focus the camera.


Karissa Gussman as Catwoman

Catwoman leaned back in her invisible easy chair and wondered how her life would have been different if black spandex had never been invented.

Check out Karissa’s other costumes over on her Facebook Page.


Allie Shelman (firebladecatcalie), Asian Heritage Spidey, and Ryan “Butt Toucher” Turney as Deadpool(s)

There were at least two other Deadpools in the area when this photo was taken, and I heard a rumor that as many as seven are at the convention.


Where the Wild Things Are by Finnegan, Jake, and Kelly Case

Meet the most adorable family at PAX. Finnegan isn’t even a year old yet, and he’s already got some major league cosplay chops.


Sarah Stevenson lives in he Borderlands

A large group of Borderlands cosplayers setup camp around Claptrap, but, in my opinion, there were too few butt stallions.


Nat Nickel (green), Linc Hillman (Black), Stephanie Bury (Yellow), Lakyn Bury (Pink), Josh Beed (Blue) and Glen Helm (red) as the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

The crowd that formed around this crew was unreal (you can see part of it in the bottom of the image). PAX basically stood still for a few minutes while the Power Rangers did their thing.

Check them out on Twitter.

Long live Zordon.

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