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PAX Prime 2014: League of Legends Cosplay is Best Cosplay


A gigantic chunk of the cosplayers at PAX Prime are decked out in League of Legends gear. Here are some of our favorites.

The LCS North American Regionals are being held at the Washington Convention Center during PAX Prime, which means that the show floor is packed to the rafters with League of Legends super fans. During the matches, most of these fans funnel in to the main theater and cheer excitedly, like over-stimulated toddlers. But some are content to hang out in the lobby, posing for pictures in their League of Legends costumes.

It’s hard to tell which of these groups is more devoted. But judging from these pictures, I suspect the latter.


Morgan Masse as Heartseeker Ashe

I get the feeling that Morgan’s bow could do some actual damage, and she had a semi-terrifying smirk on her face as she aimed it at my camera/head.

Check out her Twitter profile and Facebook page.


Black & Nobo Cosplay as Maokai and Zyra

The folks at Black & Nobo Cosplay don’t mess around with their costumes. These were some of the most ambitious getups on the show floor.

If you dig these, you should probably check them out on Facebook and Twitter.


Pandnh4 and Mashiro as Diana and Vel’koz

Mashiro’s commitment to her Vel’koz costume came at the expense of her eyesight. The mask obscured her vision so thoroughly, that Diana was leading her around the convention center like someone who had just been maced by the Ferguson police.


Paul Hansen as Jayce

Paul is a man of few words, but is cosplay skills are off the chain. Also, remember when people used to say “off the chain”?


Nick Eldrenkamp as Debonair Ezreal

Ezreal is cool and everything, but I think we can all agree that he’s cooler in a white blazer and Billy Joel’s sunglasses.


Jacqueline Maxwell as Spellthief Lux

Jacqueline was far too humble when I asked about her costume. She killed it.


Andrew Coccimiclio as Shaco

Shaco is a scary dude, and Andrew’s costume is impressive. But, I can’t help but wonder why the League of Legends design team decided to incorporate a huge, yellow crotch diamond. Can anyone help me?

Follow Andrew on Twitter and check out his Facebook Page.


Patrick Castillo as Wukong

Patrick Castillo is absolutely crushing it in the hairdo department. I wonder how many blow dryers he owns.


Erica Hou as Syndra

Believe it or not, this is Erica’s very first attempt at cosplay. I think she has a knack for it.


Aiko as Popstar Poro, Gouravager as Popstar Graves, and Brian Kim as Popstar Wukong,

This crew has obviously been watching American Idol while simultaneously playing League of Legends.

Check out Gouravager’s Twitter and Facebook profiles.


Ryan Acosta as Pantheon

Ryan didn’t specifically tell me that he created this costume so that he wouldn’t have to wear a shirt at PAX, but I could tell.


Alan Trang as Jinx

Soak it in, people. This is what PAX is all about.


Adam Peacock as Ziggs

Adam’s hernia-inducing Ziggs getup was a huge hit, and his beard is made of real facial hair.


Tiger Tessa as Morgana

The wings on Tessa’s Morgana costume were a feat of architectural brilliance.

Check our her Facebook Page and Instagram profile.


Katie Osborn as Akali

Katie was the master of intimidating poses and intense facial expressions. She has a bright future in cosplay.

Check out her Instagram feed and Facebook page.


Rochelle Wong as Veigar

If I buy one of those spiky belts, do you think that my relatives would still try to hug me? It’s worth a shot, right?

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