If games are more than just a hobby, you’re at the right place. We’ve put together 8 pro-taught courses that’ll help you turn your game ideas into a career-and right now, you can pay what you want for them. Grab the Graphics & FX Mastery Bundle at Escapist Deals.

Beat the average price for this bundle, and you’ll get all 8 courses, including training in C++, DirectX, SilhouetteFX, Unity 5, and more. You’ll get comfortable using industry-standard game development tools, master the rotoscopy technique to bring your animations to life, build your own games from scratch, and learn how to build Windows 10 apps.

If you want to pay below the average price, you’ll still get training in Vegas Pro, Sony’s industry-leading video editing software, as well as SilhouetteFX, a visual effects software that’s a must for VFX professionals.

Either way, you’ll be saving big-each of these courses go for $159, so the whole bundle is valued at $1,272.

Don’t miss this deal: Pay what you want for the Graphics & FX Mastery Bundle at Escapist Deals.

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