Pens, Paper and Pretzels

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Today, The Escapist turns two and we’re celebrating in style. Technically, Thursday, July 12 is our Real Birthday, but today, we publish our 105th issue of The Escapist, marking the beginning of a third year of publication.

In these past two years, we have brought our readers a variety of timeless content, from interviews with industry stars, to profiles of the companies that make the games, to your daily gaming news. We have edited, designed and published nearly 1000 articles. Those articles contain over 1 million words.

We have grown in both our media options and our audience. We have listened to our readers’ thoughts and opinions. We have implemented those thoughts and opinions alongside our own.

We have watched thousands of games launch together. We have watched them rocket to the top of the charts, fail miserably and even be pulled from the shelves. And we have explored and discussed all of these events in the pages of our site and forums.

These years have been a truly exciting and expanding experience. And moving forward, we are beginning this third year, continuing with that trend and sentiment in mind.

Welcome to the new design.

We encourage you to poke around, explore, press buttons, click links, see what we’ve got for you in the re-launched The Escapist. Some highlights:

  • Improved Archives – When you search our archives, the results returned will supply a wealth of sortable information about each article, including author, publish date and type of article. Still not narrow enough? Try the advanced search.
  • Related Reading – Every time you read an article on our site, the right-hand column will feature a list of article links from our archives related to your current reading.
  • What’s New? – Another box in the right-hand column of our pages will allow you to follow the newest articles, news updates and forum discussions around The Escapist, no matter where on the site you are.
  • Streamlined Design – Without sacrificing our signature design aesthetic, we’ve simplified and made more cohesive the look and navigation of The Escapist. We hope you’ll continue to read our content, while easily sending it to friends, digging it and generally moving from article to article with more ease.

So, we invite you to dive in and scout around your updated and remodeled The Escapist. Oh, and happy birthday, The Escapist!


Julianne Greer

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