Pirates, Ninjas To Join Fat Princess Cast?


Two wordless blog posts have appeared on the official blog of Fat Princess developer Titan Studios that hint at both pirates and ninjas joining the stellar PlayStation Network action/strategy title.

Entitled “Check It!” and “Avast!” respectively, the two posts contain nothing more than images of ninjas and pirates rendered in the game’s decisively cartoonish art style, with the Titan Studios logo affixed in the corner.

The firm has yet to announce any plans for upcoming downloadable content for the title, but given the warm reception and brisk sales Fat Princess has seen since its debut on the PlayStation Network last month, it wouldn’t be surprising to see some sort of add-on for the title.

Given the ubiquity of both pirates and ninjas in our Internet-infused pop culture, it also wouldn’t be terribly surprising to see the two groups join the Archers, Fighters and Mages already present in the game’s cast.

That said, nothing is official until either Titan Studios or publisher Sony Computer Entertainment confirms these rumors, so until that time fans will have to content themselves with growling “Yarrrr!” (or in the case of ninjas, absolutely nothing) while attempting to kidnap their foes’ obese royalty.

Update: Since this post was originally written, Titan Studios has also added another wordless post containing an image of a chef. Draw your own conclusions.


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