The upcoming Pokemon Black & White will actually have differences between versions that go beyond the series’ standard “different ‘mons for different games” paradigm.

Since the original Red & Blue games, different versions of the Pokemon titles have essentially been the same game with minor differences – you can catch certain Pokemon in one game that you cant in its twin. Growlithe may only be available in Red and Vulpix might only be in Blue, but other than that, the rest of the game is perfectly identical from beginning to end.

Not so with Pokemon Black & White, it would seem. On the latest episode of Pokemon Sunday – you know, the Japanese TV show where grown men and women dress in absurd costumes to be slightly too enthusiastic about all things Pokemon – we learned a bit more about the upcoming games. We were introduced to the new rivals (of which there are two or three this time around), and it was revealed that Black and White wouldn’t just have different Pokemon – but entirely different places to visit, as well.

Where Pokemon Black has the Black City, Pokemon White has the more traditional-looking White Forest. It isn’t exactly clear if the places will actually be different beyond a mere change in aesthetic, but they certainly don’t look alike, even if they have similar layouts. I’d love to see the two locations have different Gyms, for one – one is ripe for a Dark-type gym, and the other would fit a Grass-type trainer nicely, don’t you think?

Unfortunately, seeing as how I don’t speak a lick of Japanese other than what I’ve picked up from anime over the years, I can’t make heads or tails from the rest of the video. The best I can come up with is that you’ll be able to make your Pokemon take naps, and then your Pokemon can dream that they’re battling and capturing other Pokemon, only it’ll actually happen.

So it’s kind of like Nightmare on Elm Street in a way, only cuter.

Which of the two versions are you leaning toward, so far?

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