Going on a journey in the same outfit everyday is so 2012.

Nintendo released an English trailer for Pokemon X and Y containing the information from the Japanese CoroCoro magazine, but now we have the localized information. The English names for the starters’ middle evolutions are as follows: Chespin evolves into Quilladin, Fennekin evolves into Braixen, and Froakie evolves into Frogadier.

The past Pokemon games have included very little customization, but it looks like X and Y are changing that around. Players can use the boutiques and salon in various cities to change the character’s outfit — including clothes, hat, shoes, and accessories — and hair. These changes will be represented online in the Player Search System and Pokemon Global Link. Each boutique in the game has its own style along with preset styles. Beyond character customization, players can groom Furfrou, a poodle Pokemon. The more Furfrou is groomed, the more styling options are available for the Pokemon. When it is not groomed, its fur will grow back to its original long and shaggy appearance.

A few new Pokemon were introduced as well, including meowstic, a psychic-type Pokemon with different forms along with different moves depending on its gender.

The official Pokemon website also updated their site with pictures of Team Flare and their top scientists who hope to change the world. They each have slightly different outfits and hairstyles, but the requirement for everyone else in Team Flare is to have bright red suits with matching sunglasses and red hair.

Source: YouTube

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