Possible Collector’s Edition Release For The Witcher


The Witcher, an upcoming RPG title from CDProjekt, may be offering fans a Collector’s Edition version of the game, if sufficient numbers of them have their way.

Similar to what 2K Games did for their planned Bioshock Collector’s Edition, CDProjekt has posted a poll on the Witcher website, asking players what they’d most like to see in a Collector’s Edition. Options include a medallion, card game, T-shirt, art book, post cards and a blank space, which one can only assume is some sort of unspecified “other,” or perhaps a comedy option they’re still working on. A forum thread to discuss the topic is also available.

Based on a series of books by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski, The Witcher is based on the story of Geralt, a professional monster hunter with supernatural powers. Set in medieval times, The Witcher promises a world filled with political intrigue and an expansive plot in which the lines between good and evil are shifted and blurred. The possibility of a Collector’s Edition release is particularly remarkable for gamers who have been following the title’s progress, since the vast majority of the game’s development took place before a publisher had even been secured.

The Witcher is powered by a modified version of Bioware’s Aurora Engine, and is slated to be published by Atari later in 2007. More information, as well as a link to the Collector’s Edition poll, is available on the official The Witcher website.

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