Power Pool Spotlight – Concealment!

[u]Break It Down![/u]Here is a breakdown of what is available in this pool powerset:

[P ALIGN=”CENTER”]#1 [P ALIGN=”CENTER”]Stealth [P ALIGN=”CENTER”]Self-Only [P ALIGN=”CENTER”]Available @ Lv6
[P ALIGN=”CENTER”]#2 [P ALIGN=”CENTER”]Grant Invisibility [P ALIGN=”CENTER”]Any Teammate [P ALIGN=”CENTER”]Available @ Lv6
[P ALIGN=”CENTER”]#3 [P ALIGN=”CENTER”]Invisibility [P ALIGN=”CENTER”]Self-Only [P ALIGN=”CENTER”]Available @ Lv14*
[P ALIGN=”CENTER”]#4 [P ALIGN=”CENTER”]Phase Shift [P ALIGN=”CENTER”]Self-Only [P ALIGN=”CENTER”]Available @ Lv20**

*With either #1 or #2 already chosen
**With #1 AND #2 or #3 already chosen

[u]Stealth[/u]This power serves two purposes: Defense and Anti-Detection.

The defense granted by stealth is similar to what combat jumping and hover offer. While some may argue about the importance of the approx 5% bonus granted, through both personal testing and feedback from others, I believe it to be very beneficial. No matter what your character type, getting hit less is a good thing. This is especially important for the weaker classes. In later levels since mob damage dramatically increases while player hit points do not.

Another aspect of the stealth power is anti-detection. Proximity aggro kills. Stealth helps to reduce that chance. When used in combination with super speed or other invis powers (grant invisibility, group invisibility, steamy mist etc.) this can be very effective in both scouting and traveling.

-The Verdict-
From those defenders and controllers who want to stay alive and control aggro to melees who like to begin their assault from a better strategic spot, this power is good for everyone.

Now if only I could make my friends invisible…

[u]Grant Invisibility[/u]This power enables you to render a fellow teammate invisible.

Much like stealth it grants a small bonus to defense and some anti-detection. It has a super-fast recharge time, allowing you to quickly buff your whole group in prep for the next fight(s).

-The Verdict-
This power is better for group characters, but can be useful often enough for anyone. This is a much better option than the self-only invisibility power however, and keep in mind that you need two concealment powers before you can pick phase shift…

Mmm…phase shift…

[u]Invisibility[/u]This power is another anti-detection ability.

Let me just say that I do not like this power and the description may reflect that. Invisibility gives the user increased stealth and defense while active. Although it will stack with other invis powers, it does not allow you to affect anyone but yourself while it is on. Furthermore you can still be seen if you are close enough to certain mobs (e.g. Rikti Drones, Ruraluu Eyes).

-The Verdict-
This is a bad choice in several ways. Take some advice and just pick grant invisibility along with stealth and get ready for the GOOD power.

That brings us to…

[u]Phase Shift[/u]This power makes you shift out of normal reality. While phased you cannot affect or be affected by those in normal reality…well almost.

This is my favorite power in the concealment tree and I am sure it will be yours too. Phase shift can be used in a variety of different ways. You can use it to save yourself if you get aggro’d and heal your wounds, draw or lead mobs away, give teammates a chance to build up aggro, take risk-free AFKs or combine it with your favorite travel power for a safe trip to wherever you need to go. Just make sure you either slot it with endurance reduction enhancements and/or have stamina/quick recovery and you will grow to love phase shift.

Although you cannot directly affect teammates or “attack” most mobs, there are some abilities which can still be used while phased. Experiment with some non-damaging attacks and you may discover some interesting things…mwahaha!

-The Verdict-
This power is fun to use and very effective. This is useful for anyone who has ever found themselves in a bad situation and died. I have yet to find anyone who hasn’t…put your hands down fire tankers! (stun stun stun stun)

Well, that wraps up this edition of Pool Power Spotlight. See you all next week!


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