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The Press Start art gallery is auctioning off more than 100 Nintendo-centric art pieces to benefit the Morgan Autism Center.

Last May, 151 artists from the San Jose State University created unique Pokemon-inspired art for the Rare Candy gallery. The gallery pieces were then subsequently auctioned for charity. Inspired by the success of the Rare Candy works, the university’s ShrunkenHeadMan Club’s Charity Committee recently launched a new gallery of gaming art that it similarly hopes to sell for charity.

The new Press Start gallery contains more than a 120 pieces of art based on popular Nintendo games. Hitting a wide swath of the company’s franchises, the gallery includes selections inspired by Animal Crossing, Earthbound and Fire Emblem as well as company mainstays like Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda and, of course, Super Mario. The art pieces include drawings, paintings and sculptures all of which vary in pricing with some currently as cheap as ten dollars and others rising into the hundreds as the auction progresses.

All in all, it’s a nice gallery of unique items, many of which would be great additions to the collections of die hard Nintendo fans. The proceeds from the gallery will all be used to benefit the Morgan Autism Center, which works to assist individuals with autism. Bidding on items will continue until the end of May 16th.

Source: Doodlebender

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