The PS3 version of Twisted Metal could have seen Sweet Tooth swap his clown mask for a gas mask, says director David Jaffe.

Causing copious amounts of destruction is kind of the point of the Twisted Metal games, but in the PS3 installment there could have been a lot less stuff left to break had plans to set the game in a post-apocalyptic environment gone ahead.

Writing on his blog, Jaffe said Twisted Metal was originally going to be set in a “apocalyptic wasteland,” but that co-director Scott Campbell wasn’t fond of the idea, so it was dropped. Jaffe expressed relief at the decision, following what he called a “glut” of post-apocalyptic games “flooding” the market.

Despite thinking it was the best decision to drop the post-apocalyptic angle, Jaffe said that he loved the redesign of Sweet Tooth (pictured), and said on Twitter that he would like to offer it as an alternate driver model in the final game.

Jaffe plans to talk more about the game that never was at the Twisted Metal panel at San Diego Comic Con this coming Friday. Twisted Metal PS3 is scheduled for a 2011 release.

Source: VG247

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