Ara misses his save against IRL but struggles on to make the post.

The Darkfall staff do to a busy week in production brought us 4 of our questions. As always Warcry and the Official Darkfall Online forum Mods have pulled your question and delivered them to Tasos and the team.

And with out further ado here is this weeks Q&A.

Shadow Walker2020- I would like you to ask them to specifically define what a clan stone does exactly. Its is merely a marker that allows clans to build a city or does it grant clans special protection making all clan buildings invulnerable?’

The clanstone is associated with town building; it’s a point of gathering
for your clan, and a very important part of the town.

Gunther TheBlack- Tell us about Guild Management?

We’ve spent a lot of time on the clan management interface, having been
victimized by clumsy clan management as players in other games. The clan
leaders, and those with permissions, use a control panel where they can
control pretty much everything about their clan.

Darkmatter- How useful will resources be in the building process? Can structures be bought and built with no other resource but gold?

You need resources other than gold to build.

Malishan- How will buildable housing/town plots be marked, how will be find them? Will buildable plots only be town/city sized, or will there be space for a *few* hidden hideouts with only one or two houses?

You’ll need to explore the map, there are hundreds of secret locations like
underwater caves, small remote islands, hidden valleys etc. You don’t need
to build a town, you can have locations with just a couple of buildings.

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