Rapper Releases Tribute to Joss Whedon’s Firefly


Former attorney-turned-rapper releases a big damn tribute to the cult sci-fi western series.

Starring the ever-cool Nathan Fillion, TV series Firefly sadly didn’t last too long on the air, despite receiving high praise and developing a huge fan following. However, fans of Joss Whedon’s cult series have something new to rock out with when running their next marathon of the sci-fi western; a full-length nerdcore rap album titled The Browncoats Mixtape.

Produced by Adam WarRock, a former attorney and now the internet’s foremost “comic book rapper,” The Browncoats Mixtape is probably the coolest musical tribute to the series ever, and features samples from both the TV show and the follow-up film Serenity. A subgenre of hip-hop, Nerdcore has a heavy focus on topics like science, Star Wars and Harry Potter. WarRock himself has written tracks covering all sorts of things nerdy and geek, ranging from Fallout 3, X-Men super hero Nightcrawler, to never having watched an episode of Doctor Who.

The lyrics in The Browncoats Mixtape are full of devotion to the crew of the good ship Serenity, with tracks like “Vera” describing the life of mercenary Jayne Cobb (played by Adam Baldwin) or “Still Flyin'” being all about the ever-cheerful mechanic Kaylee (played by Jewel Straite). It makes an excellent addition to the music collection of fans of either nerdcore or Firefly.

The best part? You can nab the entire 15-track set here for free.

Source: ToplessRobot

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