A man’s obsession with real world Final Fantasy VII weaponry caused him more back pain than delight.

Wielding an actual Buster Sword from Final Fantasy VII sounds like it’d be a barrel of laughs, but the reality of such an act is not quite as fun. A man that built replicas of Cloud’s signature weapon out of actual steel and fooled around with them too much ended up with back problems.

That’s according to this YouTube video, which shows his latest sword in action. When trying to demonstrate its capabilities, the creator is apparently forced to stop when his family intervenes.

“I don’t care what the doctors say, I’m either going to break that… or… ugh,” the sword’s creator says in the video, laying the sword onto the ground and getting into an argument with a woman (probably his wife). “Doctor said he shouldn’t be messing with the swords anymore, slipped a disc in his back,” his friend reveals.

The man tries to get his dwarven acquaintance to wield the sword, which weighs 54 pounds, but is denied. Thankfully, a real-life Cloud was on hand to prove how deadly the man’s Buster Sword is against a palette of wood.

Let this be a lesson: To be like Cloud you have to GTL for years on end and wear a backwards baseball cap and track pants. Even for him, using the sword was a tiring effort. RPG weaponry might be awesome in videogames, but in real life it’ll only make you slip a disc.

Source: Kotaku

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