Reclaim the Weekend


How is it that every weekend I go home with Grand Plans to play lots of games and, like my workdays, I end up doing Stuff that gets in the way of attaining my goals? You know what I mean … at work, you plan to 1) Finish the planning document you’ve been trying to finish, 2) Finalize the design parameters of that new project that just came down the pipe, and 3) Write a proposal for a new feature to be added to the content network of which you are in charge. But, in reality, you … answer dozens of emails, take a few phone calls and have a couple of meetings. At least, that’s how my days go.

It seems my weekends have taken this turn as well. I go home on Friday, pondering which game I will play and when. Instead, I end up doing things like cleaning or grocery shopping or sleeping some other equally lame activity. OK, so visiting or talking to family, and going out with friends isn’t lame. But still! I need to play … for work! It’s for the cause!

So to these non-gaming weekends, I say, “No more!” I am reclaiming this weekend. Games I shall play! I am pledging to you, my dear Readers and Friends, 20 hours of game time this weekend. This is to include time in which I am actively gaming and when I am actively watching another play. Yes, it will be tough, as I have plans to shop for a party planned for this Saturday evening, and I must hold down that pesky chaise out by the pool for a couple of hours … wait I can take my Gameboy there … but it this is something that must be done.

I say to any of you out there who have felt similarly, who have felt that the pulls and constraints of society and every day life have attempted to squash your gamer tendencies, join me. Play! Who’s with me?

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