Recruit Pirates and Betray Your Friends in Pirate Loot


Award-winning artists Scott Kurtz and Dylan Meconis illustrate the pirate-themed game of looting and treachery.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game designer Jason Bulmahn has taken to Kickstarter with his new pirate-themed card game. Pirate Loot is card game for two to four players where you must build a hand of pirates to crew your ship, and then set sail in order to nab the best loot. Pirate recruits can help you steal loot from other players, kick pirates off other ships, and draw more cards to find better recruits. The game is played over a series of rounds until one pirate captain has filled her hold with booty. Pirate Loot is illustrated by award winning artists Scott Kurtz (PvP, Table Titans) and Dylan Meconis (Bite Me!, Family Man, Outfoxed). The Kickstarter campaign, launched August 21, has raised $6,314 of its $16,000 goal in its first day. Backers can get a print-and-play version of the game for $10, and the minimum pledge for a physical copy is $20, which includes shipping in the US.

In each round, players draw and play cards to build up their crew and then compare their pirate crew to see who gets the loot. Not all players will get loot each round, because there is always one fewer loot card available than the number of players. To determine which pirate crew of rascals and ne’er-do-wells gets the loot, players divide up their recruits by faction. Pirate can belong to the Brutal, Clever, Greedy, or Lazy factions. The player with the most recruits in a faction gets to claim some plunder. You can read the full rules for Pirate Loot from producer Minotaur Games.

The $16,000 funding goal will cover paying the designer, artists, and graphic designer Mari Kolkowsky, as well as printing and shipping the game. Bulmahn has planned out several stretch goals, with additional art from Kurtz and Meconis added if $20,000 is raised. At each of the $30,000 and $50,000 milestones, six bonus cards exclusive to Kickstarter backers will be added. If the campaign raises $40,000, a six-player expansion will be unlocked, and a secret expansion will be released if the campaign raised $60,000. The funding campaign will end on Saturday, September 20.

Source: Pirate Loot on Kickstarter

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