mario maker at e3

Could Mario Maker be the “mystery” 3DS game that Nintendo is dedicating a full presentation to at E3?

The super sleuths over at Nintendo Enthusiast have managed to get their hands a picture of what is allegedly Nintendo’s E3 show floor. The picture, which you can see to the right, looks fairly legit, and features something called “Mario Maker” in the foreground.

So what is Mario Maker? Well, we know from Nintendo’s E3 plans that it is dedicating a full presentation to a “mystery” 3DS game. Co-incidentally, Mario Maker appears to be a 3DS game, judging by the giant stylus-wielding hand (although it is worth noting that the Wii U gamepad also uses a stylus).

It would appear, at least from what we can see (and its title, that the game is a Little Big Planet-style building game, where players can design their own Mario levels.

If it is what I think it is, that would certainly be a very cool little game. Imagine making your own Mario levels and challenging your friends to beat them?

That’s literally all we know about it so far. We’ve reached out to Nintendo but I expect we’ll get no response until E3.

Source: Nintendo Enthusiast

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